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Import Application - Terms and Conditions
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신청인 The Applicant
*호주 고객분은 POSTCODE로 지역을 검색해 주세요. 뉴질랜드 고객분은 국가를 New Zealand로 먼저 바꿔주세요.
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약관 Acknowledgement & Agreement
I, as the applicant of the above hereby acknowledge and agree that:

1. I appoint YESG2M Pty Ltd (“YESG2M”) to be my agent and authorise and direct YESG2M, its nominees, and/or sub-agents or any other parties may be required to carry out any works relating to import of my goods(“the goods”) to Australia on my behalf including but not limited to forwarding of the goods, Customs Clearance and Quarantine Inspection (“the duties”) in Australia. This authority is given in accordance with s181 of the Customs Act 1901 (Cth).

2. I further authorise and direct YESG2M to enquiry/check my ABN, ACN and/or any form of identifications including but not limited to my personal details stated below for the duties may be required in Australia.

3. I am fully aware of the contents of the goods that I am importing/shipping and hereby warrant that I will report the contents and value of the goods honestly and correctly and will notify to YESG2M prior to or immediately after sending/importing the goods in order to facilitate the duties arising from its origin country and in Australia.

4. I understand that YESG2M reserves any rights to hold my goods and/or carry out an internal inspection by YESG2M or its authorised agents both in its origin country and Australia if:

a. YESG2M or its authorised agent is unable to verify the sender/shipper’s identity and/or required details;
b. It Contains any hazardous goods and/or any goods which are prohibited by any laws and regulations in its jurisdictions;
c. It is in the YESG2M’s and/or its agent’s opinion that the contents and value of my goods are different its declaration;
d. The goods are ordered for inspection or hold request by any relevant government authorities (namely, Customs and Quarantine) both in its origin country and Australia.

5. Under no circumstances, YESG2M holds responsible for any damages, lost and delays occurred whilst carrying out the duties except the goods are found to be damaged whilst in YESG2M’s direct care and handling.

6. I am advised by YESG2M to take an insurance cover of the goods to cover any damages or lost etc.

7. I understand that there are additional fees may be incurred in relation to duties carried out by YESG2M including but are not limited to storage costs, Quarantine inspection (subject to Quarantine order) and/or freight charges, re-export costs and disposal charges etc.

8. I hereby further acknowledge and agree that I will jointly and severally be responsible to pay all monies payable for time to time by the Applicant to YESG2M for all related costs incurred and I understand that YESG2M has a right to hold my goods if there’s any monies owed to YESG2M.

9. YESG2M has right to refuse any duties assigned by the applicant or terminate this agreement at any time without giving any reasons/explanations of its refusal or termination to the applicant and request outstanding payment to be paid in full within 7 days from the date of refusal or termination.

10. In the event 7 of the above, I understand that I will pay the costs/fees incurred by YESG2M up to its termination date plus further costs that may follow by its termination (ie/ storage costs that may incur up to collection of the goods).

11. I provide the following forms of identification to verify my identity:

  A copy of current passport   
  A copy of current drivers license   
  Other :
(image or PDF File Only)

 I acknowledge and warrant that the information provided in this Application is true and correct and agree the above terms and conditions and further.
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